Look! The Eagles

This is a fan arts and I draw for my favorite movie series The Hobbit.
I love middle earth story especially The Lord of Rings ,The Hobbit . I've never read the book before, only watched the movie from Peter Jackson. (because I am not good at reading)
It is so hard to describe my feeling after that I watched the movie. The last hobbit series, it made me felt sad, because the The lord of rings story already to the end ( by film), I don't know that have any story about middle earth that Peter still will make them to film again?
This is my favorite scene, and I want to draw it and remember it

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  1. Hi - I have just read your blog from the front to the back and I am blown away by your style of ink painting.
    The action ones are my favorites because you are getting such fluid motion in them, it is amazing.
    Hope to see more in the future. Thanks