Think on your sins

Raoul Silva. (Javier Bardem)

He is Bond villain in SkyFall.
Actually I don't like Bond movie, I've never watched any Bond movie 
before I watched the SkyFall. But when I watched the trailer on youtube 
and Javier's act is so wonderful! Of course the soundtrack is amazing, 
so I listen the song by Adele then finished this drawing....

The original draft:


Tit for tat,Tattoo (Thank You!)

 Tit for tat,Tattoo

Recently that I received an email from Brazil, and he asked me  to use my drawing to his tattoo idea.
Of course, It is totally no problem, but I had a bit worried because...
my drawing made by Chinese ink and have a lots ink stamp and add washes of inkit is different to the tattoo technique.

When I received his tattoo work yesterday, I got a huge surprised!
He really made it! and the tattoo artist  Mafra he changed my original drawing and add some sakura and traditional Asia pattern  became to background, it is a good idea!

I am very happy to know there are have a friend from far of my country who chose JungShan Ink drawing to his tattoo idea, Thanks Fabio!
This is Mafra FB:
Fabio &  Mafra


Tit for tat my original drawing


Silence Power

Silence water on the paper with ink slowly move and extend to a big ink stamp, this is a nature and silence power. That was why I love to use ink to paint my drawing, because it is not all draw by me.
like soul, water & ink & paper to create nature atmosphere..


For my niece

This is a quickly drawing for my niece, Shih Sin Yu.
Tomorrow is the anniversary of my niece death, I love her very much, and I always want to draw her.   We took this picture the day last year, and this was our last picture took together. 
I wish she have a new and happy life in another world.


Asian Martial Arts-

Constructive Thoughts and Practical Applications by Michael DeMarco 

Cover with 2 pages for Asian Martial Arts. If anyone here who interested in the Martial arts,
please check here the official website:

or Amazon


Taiwan Aboriginal Girl

These two posters was my last freelance job for the Taiwanese Aboriginal Day.
There are have 14  aborigine groups in Taiwan.( I think the groups more than 14, just the other groups not big enough...perhaps), Well, for the Taiwan aborigines style that You can check  this blog: [ Click here ]

The pictures I draw these two girls comes from Amis & Paiwan group.




給台灣的朋友們(For Taiwanese friends)


謝謝您們訂閱我的網誌, 也希望你們有想交流的地方歡迎留言給我~

對了, 今天要和大家說關於這禮拜六 7/28 在雲林有活動喔! 歡迎大家參與
這是由雲林縣政府和狂龍主辦的 諸神界電腦繪圖展演及原住民族日

我有繪製了兩張原住民少女海報, 現場會有海報以及相關CG繪圖展演



Speed II




Listening to Rain

The novel Listening to Rain already publish, I made the book cover.

Albert A. Dalia (Author)
Listening to Rain is the first volume of series: The Adventures of the Shaolin Monk Tanzong. It is now available at these sites and will become available as a Kindle eBook, Amazon Europe, and, later, in other book channels: 



Loki is a great character in Marvel comic, especially the Thor with Loki's relationship, hates loves .
He is not really a bad guy, kinds like a tragic characters.(but not really he is, because Thor care about him)
I want to buy all about Loki comics!!

( Ok, for other reason, I admit to love this character because of  Tom Hiddleston ..:P )

Anyway, I am very exciting to the Thor 2 might publish 2013
and Iron man 3 and the Avengers 2 preparing.
 PS.sketch works that I sign my English name Rola,,you know it XDD


Tom Hiddleston by sketch 


born villain

 I want to draw a series about one of my favorite band Marilyn Manson.
well I guess that not really many people like them. Whatever, I bought them whole album since 90's.
I will add more Marilyn Manson drawing when I have free time, because I love draw them.


Future Star

May.15, 2012

I went to the NTUST( National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
had speech and taught them how to create own style.   
There were around 60 students from Department of Commercial Design with 
3  Professors attended to the lesson.

First, I introduced my illustrations and simply explained to the process I did,
after that I show them some works that I  collaborated with other artists 
around the world.   In this Department, not every students have well drawing 
skill and know how to make design.   They major this department because they just interested in design and painting, .
These  students easy got blocked and worried fall behind to most of students. 
They afraid to move on, even lost interest and  confident 

The real good illustration and design not depends on the good painting skill or 
draw like real pictures, colorful, delicate and beautiful face. 
For me, the most important point  is emotion.
It's not only mean to the facial expression. It also mean to the outline, the brushes, composition , ,color and more.  Your drawing and design could connect the viewers and make them feels empathy with the drawing and  share the story to each others. The emotion like bridge of you and viewer.
It is hard to reach and I am still learning too.

The students also asked me few questions about the illustration, like 
How do you solve the situation that if the client doesn't like the ink result?
 ( It is a bit difficult to answer ....:P) and they also asked like..,"If I had idea in my brain but I don't know how to draw..what can I do? and more. 

We took few photos when the end of speech. They are really cute, I love it!

They are all future star of the  designer and illustrator.


Play ink

I made an experiment again. How to make a nature curve?
Let's play the ink!

Well, you need to prepare,
1) water
2) ink
3) paper ( better used by thin and rough paper)
very simple tool,

First, drop ink to still water( it have to used on the still water ( important!)
then you can take the stick to play the ink on the water.
quickly cover a white paper and the ink will print on paper like the video below:


No Face

This is draw for an independent short film [ No Face ]
Director /Mathilde & Jean-Yves , France

This is the film trailer:



This is an experimental work of the Chinese ink..
I used 6 Chinese ink textures for this drawing, (textures like the image below)
then I draw the character by digital brushes
Finally that I mixed them together by photoshop.


One Second

back to the samurai series, I am going to draw the samurai action pose.
and I will try to use speed brushes with ink textures in this series.
,,mmm.., like a test ...to make the atmosphere and just only have action pose.
You can check my first test below:

BTW: There are have a friend that write msg to me and talked about my "INK TEXTURES DOWNLOAD"
It doesn't work o_O!
Really sorry! Because I totally forgot that I upload to the free space and only 30 days!

SO......I will upload these 2 packs of textures next week!
( It won't disappeared anymore! :D I promised!!! )



Fast Forward

This is a portrait for Julian.( Thanks! )
I used the fast ink brushes around his face, it is meaning the movement.
I want to describe a feeling like "Memory". move fast in our life .....
like film fast forward".



This drawing is draw for Adora Levin.

Their parents are very welcome everyone who would love to draw Adora.
you can mail them.

When I draw her portrait, I remembered my niece's image.
She left us last year, because the virus attack.
I also build her own blogspot, and I will draw her in the future. :)

I wish Adora health and happy to grow up, and I believe that
she will be a cool girl in the future.


Musetouch Issue 18.

JungShan Ink featured on Musetouch Issue 18.
There are totally have 11 pages my ink works featured.
There are have a lots of great artists, very welcome to download them!


Memories blur into dreams

The textures and draft below: