JungShan Ink in Geisai (II).

The exhibition sponsor,
Seiichi Kamei/Yoshitomo Nara/Takashi Murakami
There are a friends also join the Geisai exhibition this time.

my sister & Ruyin
my sister have baby now...

J.C.Yuan & yuchenghong & me & yuchenghong's friend.

JungShan Ink in Geisai.

Dec.06/2009 is my first ink drawing exhibition in Taiwan.

Geisai is a show founded by a Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.
I am very happy to join this artist exhibition.
There are have many agency and companies will search for freelance worker.
Also have media and reporter to interview the artist in the show :D

It is cool, because you can let people know you name and drawing.
I met some good friends in this show,
I will introduce them on JungShan Ink in Geisai (II).
This is the show review below!


Dec.05/2009, preparing for the show, this is my space in build A.

Pin the drawing (print on the cotton, very soft….)
I would love to make my space looks like ancient Chinese market

(people sell the Chinese ink drawing on the street..XD)

Introduce my book [ JungShan Ink 2009]!

This man is a Japanese media photographer with his translator,
We have short time interview.
The point is, he bought my book., he he he he
In the afternoon, more and more people visited the show,
Many people interesting to the technique I made.
The most important thing to me is.., I also met many Media/ Game companies
ask for collaboration & freelance, and start to a part of member in Taiwan CG world, I think…it all worthy.
It is a super strong power and support to me, I will keep working!