Short film-G.S.D

I draw the concept art for this short film promotion. The short film talked about the Taiji
Animation and poster design by ,
producer is JetLi and main actor JackMa
The short film released Nov.12th, 2017 (Youku, China)



Arts for Grand Tycoon opening HK

I made an exhibition for a new brand [Grand Tycoon] opening in Hong Kong (31.July, 2017), and I provided 4 new painting. This is Naoki Yokomizo, the Super CT gold winner. I designed the brand Logo, as everyone know my drawing 2013  "Battle"

Rough draft 

                                                       Grand Tycoon Promote video

                              Original design on paper and the result combined 
with digital effects.
 Uniform design by Naoki Yokomizo

Grand Tycoon Hong Kong head office

Appeared in 50 shade dark & feerd

It's an interesting experience to me, and provided drawings for film props, contract with 50 shade darker(2017) and freed(2018). In Grey's room.,
The 50 shade freed the film will publish on February.


The Legend of Zu 2 - Riding Fire

This is a 2nd season of the series The Legend Of Zu.
Genres: historical, romance, wuxia 
Producer / publisher: Beijing Scarecrow Entertainment Co.,Ltd
promising new character image:


Star-forming disk

I am working  at ASIAA(Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy) for 2 years, I used Chinese ink created astronomy arts. 
Nature materials (water with movement ) made nature effects, that was what I thought.
Recently, A team led by Chin-Fei Lee that they discovered complex organic molecules in a cloud of gas and dust that is on its way to becoming an infant star. I tried made an illustration attached with their research.  It is public in [Nature ] magazine this month.
Do you believe this star forming disk made by Chinese ink?
Yes, it is!

Click[ Nature - article ]

The ink textures that I draw on rice paper with ink, this is Star-forming disk

gas and dust 
jet streaming

combined with these textures and draw the colors on photoshop


Night of the Budo Legends

Martial arts events -Night of the Budo Legends
key visual design.

Organizer /MA Event Team GmbH
Cooperation AD/Ojala .de
Location / Velodrom Berlin
(9 Paul-Heyse-Str. 26, 10407 Berlin, Germany)
Date: Oct.28,2017
Official website: http://www.thespiritofmartialarts.com/
Ticket: [ Here ]


Dragon Girls

Collaboration with French director Yves Montmayeur, The Documentary: Dragon Girls (2016)
I made 7 actresses ink painting for each interview goes to next transition.
The crew:
Pei-Pei Cheng/ Bingbing Fan/Shu Qi/Asami Sugiura/Michelle Yeoh/Ziyi Zhang/Wei Zhao


Yves Montmayeur takes Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as the starting point for his study of the new female warrior in Asian pop culture. From Beijing to Tokyo and Taiwan

Release Date:

7 July 2016 (France) 

Details: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6245160/


cover work for CBRNeWorld

cover work for magazine UK CBRNeWorld
(chemical, biological, radiological,nuclear or explosives threat or incident.),

tool: Chinese ink + CG

background by ink + rice paper

Samurai Hostel Ikebukuro, Japan

I Recommend this Samurai Hostel Ikebukuro, Japan! because
1. Samurai 2.They used my four arts as decoration
If you're interested in samurai culture and I recommend this hostel to stay!