Arts for Grand Tycoon opening HK

I made an exhibition for a new brand [Grand Tycoon] opening in Hong Kong (31.July, 2017), and I provided 4 new painting. This is Naoki Yokomizo, the Super CT gold winner. I designed the brand Logo, as everyone know my drawing 2013  "Battle"

Rough draft 

                                                       Grand Tycoon Promote video

                              Original design on paper and the result combined 
with digital effects.
 Uniform design by Naoki Yokomizo

Grand Tycoon Hong Kong head office

Appeared in 50 shade dark & feerd

It's an interesting experience to me, and provided drawings for film props, contract with 50 shade darker(2017) and freed(2018). In Grey's room.,
The 50 shade freed the film will publish on February.