Night fairy

This drawing is my ink combined with an illustrator Ronaldo from Brazil,
I like the curve he made, especially his curve
drawing skill, fluency and smooth.
It is different to my ink brushI would love to
see the combine result.

The simple process is drawing few ink texture on
Chinese paper first, then scan to computer to become
background & clothes & hair, the girl was draw by
photoshop brushes.
Thank you! Ronaldo! Very happy collab experience!

Roanldo's original drawing

Ronaldo & his website here:




be there or be square

I bought the (Honogurai Mizunosokokara soundtrack
(Dark Water Japanese version) last week,
This is made by a great musician Kenji Kaiwai
He is my favorite musician.
After listened this album and I have an idea to make a new series.
The series subject is talking about fear & regret. It is hard to describe

the regret feeling..., (I will explain it next time :\ )

I draw the many source material by Chinese ink on different
kinds Chinese papers, then take a picture to make any pose you want
Finally, the Chinese ink combine photo together …

Waiting for dry and put the ink again…again and again.

It is really suitable for “fear” this series…….

If anyone would love to make the horrible album or film,
welcome to make collaboration,
I will very happy to make this freelance job…




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I am listened the soundtracks by Kenji Kawai, His music bring me full of emotion,
I would love to draw a series to describe this feeling.