This is an experimental work of the Chinese ink..
I used 6 Chinese ink textures for this drawing, (textures like the image below)
then I draw the character by digital brushes
Finally that I mixed them together by photoshop.


One Second

back to the samurai series, I am going to draw the samurai action pose.
and I will try to use speed brushes with ink textures in this series.
,,mmm.., like a test ...to make the atmosphere and just only have action pose.
You can check my first test below:

BTW: There are have a friend that write msg to me and talked about my "INK TEXTURES DOWNLOAD"
It doesn't work o_O!
Really sorry! Because I totally forgot that I upload to the free space and only 30 days!

SO......I will upload these 2 packs of textures next week!
( It won't disappeared anymore! :D I promised!!! )



Fast Forward

This is a portrait for Julian.( Thanks! )
I used the fast ink brushes around his face, it is meaning the movement.
I want to describe a feeling like "Memory". move fast in our life .....
like film fast forward".