Darkness textures download

Here I made a new textures pack, the textures about "Asia Darkness".
These all made by Chinese ink, and these textures are very suit to any horror stuff.

You can see the Chinese font on this cover, this is meaning the darkness and gruesomeness.
Asia weather is easy to humid, the humid and dark place also easy to attract the ghost.
Many ghost stories here all about the water.
(The Chinese font on this cover was came from here.)

The download link here: 

and I listened this song when I creating this textures.


Leaving in the Morning

start raining.....

7:30 , waiting the bus, then take metro to office

6:00 AM, He is leaving in the morning by early train.
He is thinking ..thinking..and thinking

This is the outline & draft below:


Them II

Recently, I was thinking... ,I want to make some comic pages.
I don't have any comic experience and
I don't know how to make panel, it is a big problem...
even I image a lots of pictures in my brain,
only use the photoshop to make the drawing looks like a "comic page"
Of course, I have to overcome this issue.


Tit for tat

This drawing, I used the speed photoshop brushes painting.
and combined with the Chinese ink mixed together.


Lady Mechanika II -Ink Version

The second of collab drawing with Joe Benitez.
It...is a.....tender version...:D:D:D

The original version of Lady Mechanika


Lady Mechanika#Winter-JungShan Ink Version

This is a nice experiment experience with America Comic artist, Joe Benitez.
I love and admire to his art so much, especially the "Lady Mechanika",
I am always curious the result combine America Comic with the Chinese ink
what will be it looks like?
so I wrote note to Joe and asked him for make collab drawing with me.

Thanks Joe and sent the pencil sketch to me. I used Chinese ink
way finish this drawing.
I will keep working this project, it is an interesting work!

Part of Chinese ink textures I used

Joe Benitez: www.joebenitez.com



Ink textures download

Here I paint few of Chinese ink textures and I want to share them.
I am not sure that you are interesting this textures or not, so
I just upload 12 pcs.
If you are interesting to made the Asia style
drawing or design it is very useful.

These Chinese textures all paint on the traditions Chinese Xuan paper ,

Different textural quality will paint to the difference result. like the photos below:
1. cotton paper 2. fan paper 3. Banshuxuan

(part of name can not translate to English, so I wrote the
Chinese pronounce directly)
These papers difference which results in its texture being harder and its ability
to absorb water weaker.

Of course, I wish you can enjoy these textures, and I'd love to see the art
you made with these textures, so...
If you can, just send your finish art link to me and we can discuss it.

  • The download link here (15.4mb) :


Betray eyes

The Chinese ink textures

face draft


follow me

Follow me

To a land across the shining sea

Waiting beyond the world that we have know

Beyond the world the dream could be

And job we have tasted

this is a lyric, music by Kimiko Itoh.
I love this song very much, and I made this draw.
It is same as usual, the Chinese ink combined with digital pen.
The model is my friend Flor KumKum from Argentina.

Chinese ink textures that I made 2pcs.



The Bleeding Moon

The Bleeding Moon is a new series of my drawing, and
it will draw about the violence underworld.
I always want to draw the subject like this, dark and violence.
it is very suit to use Chinese ink to paint.


ArtcorePress Vol.1

ArtcorePress is an art book and collect the artists works around the world.
This is a new and special art book, because it is unrestricted of the art,
ARTCORE collects from modern, CG, Game art, abstract art and tradional art, incorporating design
and photography, TATTOO, GRAFFITI even hair design...and more.

Total 152 pages, full color and artists interview.
We collect 12 artists in Vol.1 this time, and we hopefully can collect more artists in the future.
If you would love to buy and understand this book, welcome to our official website:


宙 - ZHOU - そら


original version, not paint the color yet.

This drawing made by Photoshop brushes and Chinese ink,
[ZHOU] is meaning the universe.
The drawing background is a font, and by Chinese handwriting to [JUNG] this word,
ya, same as my name, but I just thought this font looks like a
mountain, so I chose this one to this draw's background.


Water Margin test page.

This is a test work for comic [Water Margin ], the story wrote by
a good writer Chris Pitts.
I made this test page and it is everything unsure use or not.
well, I think whatever this job got or gone, it is a good
experience to me.