Ink textures download

Here I paint few of Chinese ink textures and I want to share them.
I am not sure that you are interesting this textures or not, so
I just upload 12 pcs.
If you are interesting to made the Asia style
drawing or design it is very useful.

These Chinese textures all paint on the traditions Chinese Xuan paper ,

Different textural quality will paint to the difference result. like the photos below:
1. cotton paper 2. fan paper 3. Banshuxuan

(part of name can not translate to English, so I wrote the
Chinese pronounce directly)
These papers difference which results in its texture being harder and its ability
to absorb water weaker.

Of course, I wish you can enjoy these textures, and I'd love to see the art
you made with these textures, so...
If you can, just send your finish art link to me and we can discuss it.

  • The download link here (15.4mb) :


  1. Hi,
    just wanted to say that your art is amazing, dynamic and refined. Also it's a good inspiration. It's a real satisfaction to take a good look at every your work.
    And thank you very much for sharing your textures and description of work process. I liked your technics very much.
    Good luck in your creativity. :)


  2. Hi!
    I just wanted to say I used your stock here:

    I know its not perfect but I wanted to try it~
    thank you