The Bleeding Moon

The Bleeding Moon is a new series of my drawing, and
it will draw about the violence underworld.
I always want to draw the subject like this, dark and violence.
it is very suit to use Chinese ink to paint.


ArtcorePress Vol.1

ArtcorePress is an art book and collect the artists works around the world.
This is a new and special art book, because it is unrestricted of the art,
ARTCORE collects from modern, CG, Game art, abstract art and tradional art, incorporating design
and photography, TATTOO, GRAFFITI even hair design...and more.

Total 152 pages, full color and artists interview.
We collect 12 artists in Vol.1 this time, and we hopefully can collect more artists in the future.
If you would love to buy and understand this book, welcome to our official website:


宙 - ZHOU - そら


original version, not paint the color yet.

This drawing made by Photoshop brushes and Chinese ink,
[ZHOU] is meaning the universe.
The drawing background is a font, and by Chinese handwriting to [JUNG] this word,
ya, same as my name, but I just thought this font looks like a
mountain, so I chose this one to this draw's background.


Water Margin test page.

This is a test work for comic [Water Margin ], the story wrote by
a good writer Chris Pitts.
I made this test page and it is everything unsure use or not.
well, I think whatever this job got or gone, it is a good
experience to me.