Samurai series

I will work to more characters and their actions later.
and I will upload the drawing next year.
he he he he well, it is coming soon! ( only few hours later in Taiwan)

2011 is coming.


YUKI - process 1

Yuki, is the Japanese "snow"

This is my new series of samurai
samurai is my favorite topic always,
so.....I will draw a lots this time.
This is the process of drawing below, and it will
blur a bit, because I use print screen...


Esperame en el cielo

This drawing was making by Chinese ink & digital pen,
I used 4 ink textures for background and her clothes.

Recently, I start search the old fashion style picture for my new series,
I love the old fashion style drawing & fonts from Europe.

When I start drawing this series, I listen a lots songs, not too old songs.
those are full of romance and atmosphere.
like this one, "Esperame en el cielo"
The lyrics is interesting and warm, after I searched the translation version.
it is my favorite parts of lyrics below:
Espérame en el cielo corazón
si es que te vas primero,
espérame que pronto yo me iré
allí donde tu estés.

Wait for me in heaven, darling
should you go first,
wait for me because soon I'll be going
there to join you.


A new morning

This drawing is combined with an Italian artist chanbella.
He used the photoshop draw the girl first,
and I add my Chinese ink to background and
made it looks like grass inverted reflection in water.

This is the photoshop process below:

Chinese ink background

Chanbella original drawing.

if you would love to see more chanbella's great illustrations,
you can check his fotolog: