They are twins from Russia, Alena and her sister Anna.
I saw their photo and really amazing me.
so beauty and special and pure face, so I ask them to draw the portrait.
I use many texture this time to make the grass and sky and desert.

Alena and her sister Anna.
and this is their DeviantArt


I made freelance job to a Chinese film 2011, Resurrection.
This is a Chinese horror film and producer from Taiwan/China and Korea.
Director is Leste Chen, (there are have his blogspot by right side)
I use Chinese ink on paper and photoshop Cs brushes to modify.

This is the actress, Chiling Lin
she is an actress and model.
I use photoshop brushes to draw her face,

This is the background.


01:12 AM is raining

I made this drawing around 23:20pm, and the original drawing was no rain.
After the shower and I back to draw final step, it was start raining outside.
well.., I added the rain.
she looks a little bit sad.



These is my art's textures.

My ink works almost made by Chinese ink (draw on paper)
then take photo to computer and use WACOM pen + photoshop CS.
The drawing will not looks inflexible and digital .
(even photoshop & painter are very useful to make the picture looks
same as tradition arts, but still lost a little bit atmosphere by hand).

ink combine with water on paper (absorbent paper),
it will become to a nature lines and different color levels.

It can looks like sky or cloud and mountain with mist or river by side.



This drawing was making by Chinese ink as usual,
and I use these to her skirt and clothes.


Warring States Period II

This drawing was making by Chinese ink and digital pen,
the original ink:

Warring States Period

The name of Warring States Period, that was meaning the period from 475 BC to the unification of China under the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC.
I make this drawing cause I love the the Chinese history and the style of samurai.The Samurai had has the stronger temperament that can not find on the people nowadays.