Tit for tat,Tattoo (Thank You!)

 Tit for tat,Tattoo

Recently that I received an email from Brazil, and he asked me  to use my drawing to his tattoo idea.
Of course, It is totally no problem, but I had a bit worried because...
my drawing made by Chinese ink and have a lots ink stamp and add washes of inkit is different to the tattoo technique.

When I received his tattoo work yesterday, I got a huge surprised!
He really made it! and the tattoo artist  Mafra he changed my original drawing and add some sakura and traditional Asia pattern  became to background, it is a good idea!

I am very happy to know there are have a friend from far of my country who chose JungShan Ink drawing to his tattoo idea, Thanks Fabio!
This is Mafra FB:
Fabio &  Mafra


Tit for tat my original drawing


Silence Power

Silence water on the paper with ink slowly move and extend to a big ink stamp, this is a nature and silence power. That was why I love to use ink to paint my drawing, because it is not all draw by me.
like soul, water & ink & paper to create nature atmosphere..


For my niece

This is a quickly drawing for my niece, Shih Sin Yu.
Tomorrow is the anniversary of my niece death, I love her very much, and I always want to draw her.   We took this picture the day last year, and this was our last picture took together. 
I wish she have a new and happy life in another world.