born villain

 I want to draw a series about one of my favorite band Marilyn Manson.
well I guess that not really many people like them. Whatever, I bought them whole album since 90's.
I will add more Marilyn Manson drawing when I have free time, because I love draw them.


Future Star

May.15, 2012

I went to the NTUST( National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
had speech and taught them how to create own style.   
There were around 60 students from Department of Commercial Design with 
3  Professors attended to the lesson.

First, I introduced my illustrations and simply explained to the process I did,
after that I show them some works that I  collaborated with other artists 
around the world.   In this Department, not every students have well drawing 
skill and know how to make design.   They major this department because they just interested in design and painting, .
These  students easy got blocked and worried fall behind to most of students. 
They afraid to move on, even lost interest and  confident 

The real good illustration and design not depends on the good painting skill or 
draw like real pictures, colorful, delicate and beautiful face. 
For me, the most important point  is emotion.
It's not only mean to the facial expression. It also mean to the outline, the brushes, composition , ,color and more.  Your drawing and design could connect the viewers and make them feels empathy with the drawing and  share the story to each others. The emotion like bridge of you and viewer.
It is hard to reach and I am still learning too.

The students also asked me few questions about the illustration, like 
How do you solve the situation that if the client doesn't like the ink result?
 ( It is a bit difficult to answer ....:P) and they also asked like..,"If I had idea in my brain but I don't know how to draw..what can I do? and more. 

We took few photos when the end of speech. They are really cute, I love it!

They are all future star of the  designer and illustrator.