Take it away(II) - Xiang

Photoshop 7.0 brush draw with ink


is the Chinese pronounce to the english miss,

miss a person,

miss a memory,

miss a story

let the wind to bring my message to you.



Next station, terminal station, Zuoying..
Ladies and gentleman,
we will soon make a brief stop at Zuoying,
please make sure you have all your positions with you.




This is my ink draw's process,
paper: cotton paper (Chinese ink paper)
1. use charcoal to sketch the outline
2. 1 drop of ink with lots water to was to light, to trace out of lines.
3. paint on the light ink with water, waiting to dry, then put heavy ink and dry drawing.


Defeat or

Even a fight, there is no win or victory.
How to define the win this word?
It is comes from the game? desire? or revenge?
After i saw a film [A Battle of Wits ]
someone said this film destroy of the history original main.
such serious comment.
anyway, at least it did not lost the main idea of the Mohism.



What amazing vapors a lonely man may get into his head!
I think this sentence is really good,
it is from the dr.eye translator system,
the Taiwanese should know it.



S ch - izo

in everyone's heart, all living another one
you already knew but fear to wake he/her up.
but some people more courageous,
they did it,
what kinds result they get?


THOUGHT, the people thought connect together
on the same frequency.
it likes transmitter
effect each other in different space.


This draw idea was cames from a film [Clean]
the actress Maggie Cheung, she is an actress that
full of high quality who can reach it.


Xue . Suo . Shu

photoshop brush ink draw