Sometimes the people said that my drawing looks like photo to modify,
well, i dont know that should I feel happy or sad, cause sounds no created.
ahm, I show on my process here.

1. u have to draw the outline first ( layer 1.)
2. 6%~8% dark brush to paint the shadow and skin( layer 2.)
3. the rubber to rub it and make it looks more soft (because the brush will leave the edge)
( layer 2.)
4. 10~14% dark to increase the dark shadow.(layer 3 )
5.the rubber to rub it and make it looks more soft (layer 3)
6. 30~60% dark to paint the point on draw (layer 3 or u can create layer 4).

why have to set such more layers that all because if u afraid to rub too many brush
or paint too dark it will destroy the drawing.

i have a little suggestion to everyone who would love to drawing that was my experience:

1.Dont afraid to dirt off your drawing.
the real stuffs that not all looks clean, the clean colors will let ur drawing looks like fake.
and looks like plastics.

2. Dont feel pity to rub some part of shadow and lines
(if you want to more atmosphere on ur drawing, you have to try to lose them)

3. Try to remember the shadow on face and body.
where should leave to white and dark.

Ahmmm,,, actually that just friends ask me
also question many times for my drawing about the photographic modify.
SO! .........that was my process.

I guess that nobody will read it..( cause too many words)



This is my freelance job from Chinese novel cover,it is talking about the king of the piano (Chinese ancient piano), cause its a...fantasy history.talk about his life, when he was young until reign a dynasty.every instruments all have their magic power.first time I read the story actually I laughed, because its super weird, they used the musical instruments to fight.I dont know, try to accept them let's see....


Death portrait process

I just check my photo ablum
to select the background used.
suddenly that I feel the cloud looks like..
a shape of monster.
you no need to think about
colors, shape, and composition.


Combine with Yusk.

Ink brush draw combine with artist Yusk's background.
you can check the Yusk's fotolog here:

High school

This draw was draw by my high school. (Ink / cotton paper )

I studied at design school when i was high school student.
we have to study 3 years at high school.
before 2 years was girl's class.
and the school regulations for girl is: short hair , uniform, black color hair.
This photo was the last day to divide into classes to 3 grade.
the 3 grade is combine with boy classmates and u also can chose the art u want to major.
I chose the photographic.



Phothoshop brush colors draw
sunrise to sunset,
Morning Glory just bloom for a day,
sunset to sunrise,
full of flowers on the landbut those flowers
not the same as the flower yesterday.

Season - Fall

photoshop 7.0 brush
until the tree to become to yellow the wind touch on my face
dont know what am i ask forwhat am i excessive expect for ..
that main idea was draw of the emotion,
a people that messy and counfuse what he thought.
it will look like this face such emotion.

The Road Not Taken

Photoshop 7.0, the point is the hair.
its used white line and movement effect.


Me / Shun An made

This is Shun An draw me by.......i dont know what the skill make
(right side have his blog link)
looks like watercolor also like PS brush
anyway, i waiting this one soooo long!
finally can see the color version, hahaha
of course that i still looks young in draw, it around 24 i guess..
very funny


19 (tracing paper tests II)

Papershop, use 4 layers of paper to combine the shadow.
Paper: tracing paper
Tool: pencil / Water Marker pen / Ink pen.


Pale ( tracing paper test )

Papershop, use 4 layers of paper to combine the shadow.
Paper: tracing paper
Tool: pencil / Water Marker pen / Ink pen.
(about the Water Marker pen(almost made from Japan),
it could mix the colors together, different Marker the ordinary.
the complete layers effected just could shown behind the light.
and the tracing paper soft white, could increase more nature atmosphere.


Carrot Angel

let me give you power!
Photoshop brush ink draw.


Take a cup of coffee

Photoshop brush ink draw. in such cold winter......


Hard to Laugh

photoshop brush ink draw.

The mask keep to the face fresh