Sometimes the people said that my drawing looks like photo to modify,
well, i dont know that should I feel happy or sad, cause sounds no created.
ahm, I show on my process here.

1. u have to draw the outline first ( layer 1.)
2. 6%~8% dark brush to paint the shadow and skin( layer 2.)
3. the rubber to rub it and make it looks more soft (because the brush will leave the edge)
( layer 2.)
4. 10~14% dark to increase the dark shadow.(layer 3 )
5.the rubber to rub it and make it looks more soft (layer 3)
6. 30~60% dark to paint the point on draw (layer 3 or u can create layer 4).

why have to set such more layers that all because if u afraid to rub too many brush
or paint too dark it will destroy the drawing.

i have a little suggestion to everyone who would love to drawing that was my experience:

1.Dont afraid to dirt off your drawing.
the real stuffs that not all looks clean, the clean colors will let ur drawing looks like fake.
and looks like plastics.

2. Dont feel pity to rub some part of shadow and lines
(if you want to more atmosphere on ur drawing, you have to try to lose them)

3. Try to remember the shadow on face and body.
where should leave to white and dark.

Ahmmm,,, actually that just friends ask me
also question many times for my drawing about the photographic modify.
SO! .........that was my process.

I guess that nobody will read it..( cause too many words)


  1. oh! I like so much this image:http://jung-shan.blogspot.com/2008/06/gin-di.html

    Its a part of new frella, the mangá job??

  2. yeah!

    finally I found your blog :p

    nice process there, I saw it on fotolog already is awesome that you share this ;)

  3. hey!!!I read!!!:)
    very cool post!!beautiful way to draw on photoshop...I don't know nothing about photoshop!!!:P
    I totally agree with your suggestions!

  4. amazing as always, I'm glad i found your blog again!

  5. Hihi!!
    oh rolaaa :D i will add you here!! then I will be easily to come here from my blog! @^^@ hehe!!!


  6. thank you so much for your nice words, well, i would tell you the same, but i think you already know...

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    my blog it's not in the blogger page now, but you only accept messages from blogger account, so im using this old one :)
    mine now is at

    hihihi ^^
    miss ~~~~!

  8. Ilove your arts ^^
    There's so much time that i have been seen your pictures in fotolog.
    Now I'm add you in blogger too.

  9. believe me, I've ridden it because it's very useful and I'm trying my best to understand (english isn't my language) cause I learn a lot reading diferent ways to draw and paint. Your work is amazing for me, I'm really interested and now I must do my homework :P

  10. You are an incredible artist, its such a pleasure see so many great art. Keep on!