I am apologized for this blog became fandom blog XDD.......
Well, I just want to share my another favorite show "STAR TREK' , mmm, but
I just watched 2009 & 2013 film, so new fan I am, and I love it then tried to search something about Star Trek like the history and characters, machine...etc.
I guess it must be great if I watch them whole series. ( too many series......)

In Taiwan there are have a Star Trek exhibition, I went there and bought few cards and Spock ears..
(maybe I need to buy a clothes and cosplay Spock in Comic Con next year..)
Anyway, I am new fandom, and I believe here have some Star Trek fans too, and you are more professional than me.

I made few drawing, but not draw the characters, I draw the Enterprise& Deep Space Nine by Chinese ink.
Ya, sounds weird, it's like an experiment work, What it looks like if Enterprise draw by Chinese ink?
It's draw for fun! Lets see......


This is ink outline (no background): 

This is the main textures what I used on picture 3,2,1

Wish you like it!....


  1. These are gorgeous. I would absolutely love to have those drawings as a set of prints on my wall. I'd just do the ink outline, without the text, on thick watercolor paper - they'd be terrific. Of course, as a fan of TNG, I'd love to see your vision of the Enterprise D as well.

  2. Hi Jungshan! Your paintings are absolutely awesome! I am an amateur painter, and I want to learn painting Chinese ink pictures very much. Can you recommend some book our course for that? Thank you in advance.