The JungShan Ink part of works 2011


Sketch Mads

I always told myself that I have to make something new, actually it is a pressure, I feel powerless because for all my know the drawing should be freedom and fun, seems to I lost it.
I think the best way is back to the original, sketch.
sketch whoever you like, whatever you want to draw, like student practice.
It is very important to me, back to the school time, to find out the original dream when I was an art school student, Why I choose art? and my goal also 
why I choose illustrator this career?( I almost forgot it)ahhh.., What I just said is completely off the track! 

"Sketch", the first lesson when I studied at art school and "pencil"  my first tool.
 I will start to draw some sketch when my brain got block..
It is an useful medicine to me!

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  1. great sketches! i love the movement in the shirt, and the backgroundlight shining on the suit looks awesome.