The JungShan Ink part of works 2011



Draw by Chinese ink..well, This is draw for my client for book cover last year.
This book already published but I don't know the result, never ask after this project done.
I think he won't agree me to called this drawing "go to hell" 
when I draw these characters and their fighting pose, certainty this samurai and his mind
wants these two ninjia go to hell.


Majipoor (book cover)

Novel: Majipoor (cover illustration)
Writer: Robert Silverberg
Publish: Actusf -France


Ristorante AJI TEI - Exhibition

JungShan Ink Exhibition now is show on Aji-Tei Restaurant, Florence Italy


Wuxia Magazine cover

Project to Wuxia story Magazine
publish in China
Because this is horse year, and I have to draw a horse with samurai per month.







This drawing is a commission work for Gregory.
It's draw about the Dungeons & Dragons character he played.
His design is inspired by Hattori Hanzo from Samurai Shodown 
(but with more of a medieval rogue twist to it) and his totem is the skunk.

Edo Batter

This drawing is commission work for Matthew. He print this drawing to his brother to opening business gift.
He need a samurai character who play the baseball  with dragonfly.( His brother's new business is about the sport training, and the dragonfly is a symbol has some meaning to his brother).



It is hard to describe this drawing, just a feeling.
When I paint it, I remembered many things around me, life, career and past or future.

Every time I watched the movie that I always notice the picture like the dust fly
 into the window follow with sunshine, only you can see these dust 
when you are standing in the dark.

Tool: Chinese ink with digital pen by photoshop





Ink Dragon design for film Rhythm Of The Rain.

Tool:Chinese ink combined with Photoshop effect.


Asia Series 2013

About Asia Series,Taiwan offered to host the event in November, 15th 2013
There are have 5 baseball teams from Japan , Taiwan ,Korea , Australia and Italy.
I participated in this even to develop the characters, cooperation with Plugin Branding & Visual Marketing Integration Co.
The main idea came from the  traditional  "warrior" belong to each countries

For Korea that We did not draw he wear the warrior cap that because it looks same as ancient Chinese cap then easy to misunderstand these 2 countries difference.Finally we decided draw the Scholar's Hat.

For Taiwan,  we choose the Amei aboriginal represented the warrior because the most of baseball players are Amei aboriginal and they are participating Asia Series this time.

Character Development: JungShan
Design all by Plugin &amp

; Co.

Character Development: JungShan
Design all by Plugin & Co.


Jungshan ink in Rhythm Of The Rain

See my illustration in the movie" Rhythm Of  The Rain ". This is the first time show my illustrations in the movie., satisfied me! Well.., this is a Taiwanese movie, and the story is talking about a tragic childhood accident leaves main actress trapped in a world of silence. To fulfil the void, she immerses herself in the vibrant and animated night market. Until she met  Allen and Darren. Allen is a rocker and Darren is a quiet artist who draw the Chinese ink.

 (main actress Xiao Jie & Darren draw in the Chinese culture competition)

Ya, in the this movie, Darren's arts almost made by me, his room and he draw the actress and competition ,exhibition you will see some my new drawing for the movie and I did not public here yet.

(Darren met the actress from years ago and draw her in exhibition.)

I will public these drawing after the movie out of the theaters.

movie information

Darren (actor interview):

Released date: 
Taiwan: Oct.4th, 2013
Singapore /  Malaysia / Australia: Oct.10th, 2013


Smart phone & Tablet design!

Hello my friend!

JungShan ink design the smart phone and tablet case, if you want different style of your phone and ipad,
Try to change it! ;D
my design is sale on THE KASE  webshop now!


Yu Jiao Ling

This is a freelance work "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"-Yu Jiao Ling Musical Drama proposal



Autumn moon

Let's go back to samurai series! I made these drawings to one of my tattoo freelance work.
My client asked me for a samurai under the maple and holding a sword. I made 3 illustration to her to choose and she chose Autumn moon.


Sketch Mads

I always told myself that I have to make something new, actually it is a pressure, I feel powerless because for all my know the drawing should be freedom and fun, seems to I lost it.
I think the best way is back to the original, sketch.
sketch whoever you like, whatever you want to draw, like student practice.
It is very important to me, back to the school time, to find out the original dream when I was an art school student, Why I choose art? and my goal also 
why I choose illustrator this career?( I almost forgot it)ahhh.., What I just said is completely off the track! 

"Sketch", the first lesson when I studied at art school and "pencil"  my first tool.
 I will start to draw some sketch when my brain got block..
It is an useful medicine to me!



I am apologized for this blog became fandom blog XDD.......
Well, I just want to share my another favorite show "STAR TREK' , mmm, but
I just watched 2009 & 2013 film, so new fan I am, and I love it then tried to search something about Star Trek like the history and characters, machine...etc.
I guess it must be great if I watch them whole series. ( too many series......)

In Taiwan there are have a Star Trek exhibition, I went there and bought few cards and Spock ears..
(maybe I need to buy a clothes and cosplay Spock in Comic Con next year..)
Anyway, I am new fandom, and I believe here have some Star Trek fans too, and you are more professional than me.

I made few drawing, but not draw the characters, I draw the Enterprise& Deep Space Nine by Chinese ink.
Ya, sounds weird, it's like an experiment work, What it looks like if Enterprise draw by Chinese ink?
It's draw for fun! Lets see......


This is ink outline (no background): 

This is the main textures what I used on picture 3,2,1

Wish you like it!....