The JungShan Ink part of works 2011



Draw by Chinese ink.
Monk, a main character in Ino Lee second novel cover.



I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil's work -Otis Driftwood
Draw by Chinese ink.. 



Emperor Of The Legend

A Game promote illustration.
Publisher: /
Three Kingdoms SLG
I draw 5 illustrations and Chinese logo too. 


Swordsman-Dongfang Bubai

Wuxia magazine cover this month is Dongfang Bubai.
This character is very famous in wuxia novel created by Jin Youg.
Dongfang Bubai, His weapon typically used with red strings .


Hannibal Season 3

Hannibal Season 3 finished. This season give me huge feeling 
and I don't know how to describe, so I draw it!

The number of the beast is 666

                                                                        In the end

 Short Comic here:
after hide in somewhere

best bromance ever


Cover Design- Le Volcryn

I made a cover design for a novel Le Volcryn by George RR Martin. ( Nightflyers French Edition)
Publisher : ActuSF


Tit for tat tattoo

I am so happy that have friend, Lucas from Brazil who made a tit for tat tattoo on his leg.
It is amazing! This tattoo artist is awesome! He paint the Chinese ink layer so perfectly!
It looks really like a real ink draw on paper.
Tattoo artist: Bocão:

Lucas & Bocão


Look! The Eagles

This is a fan arts and I draw for my favorite movie series The Hobbit.
I love middle earth story especially The Lord of Rings ,The Hobbit . I've never read the book before, only watched the movie from Peter Jackson. (because I am not good at reading)
It is so hard to describe my feeling after that I watched the movie. The last hobbit series, it made me felt sad, because the The lord of rings story already to the end ( by film), I don't know that have any story about middle earth that Peter still will make them to film again?
This is my favorite scene, and I want to draw it and remember it