The JungShan Ink part of works 2011



This is speed painting, and it is not finish yet.
Because I have to finish his body and ink background.

Why I call this drawing to "たっくんが好きなの "
this is a song by Japanese singer Mizca & Allanhillz,
I listened this song on bus when I after work to go home.
it is a cute and sweet song, and make me feel like sunshine :D
SO ...0 It make me want to draw a man stand under the sun !
if anyone is interesting to listen that you can search on youtube.
and I do not embedding here.


Japan 日本

Japan is a cool country, but I 've never been there before.
even I draw a lots samurai.
( I just prepare to go there on May and Octorber..)

The earth quake this time is very serious in Japan,
this is a big news in my country Taiwan.
because Japan is very close to us, and
we are friendly with each other.

In 1999, Taiwan happened 921 7.6 M/w earth quake,
Japanese rescue team is the first country team arrive to help us.
we are always remember it.

In recent, I touch a lots Japanese history and culture and entertainments,
I am more and more love this country and wish Japan can recover soon!


Ancient Chinese flat.

I am trying to draw the scenes and background pen sketch .
Of course it spent time but I really think that I have to try to
draw something different..

Because my drawing almost character only, I wish my drawing can combine with
more interesting scenes and background., like a short story..well..
This is a big work that I have to overcome! .................
let's.....see = ="