The JungShan Ink part of works 2011


Star-forming disk

I am working  at ASIAA(Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy) for 2 years, I used Chinese ink created astronomy arts. 
Nature materials (water with movement ) made nature effects, that was what I thought.
Recently, A team led by Chin-Fei Lee that they discovered complex organic molecules in a cloud of gas and dust that is on its way to becoming an infant star. I tried made an illustration attached with their research.  It is public in [Nature ] magazine this month.
Do you believe this star forming disk made by Chinese ink?
Yes, it is!

Click[ Nature - article ]

The ink textures that I draw on rice paper with ink, this is Star-forming disk

gas and dust 
jet streaming

combined with these textures and draw the colors on photoshop

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