The JungShan Ink part of works 2011


Asia Series 2013

About Asia Series,Taiwan offered to host the event in November, 15th 2013
There are have 5 baseball teams from Japan , Taiwan ,Korea , Australia and Italy.
I participated in this even to develop the characters, cooperation with Plugin Branding & Visual Marketing Integration Co.
The main idea came from the  traditional  "warrior" belong to each countries

For Korea that We did not draw he wear the warrior cap that because it looks same as ancient Chinese cap then easy to misunderstand these 2 countries difference.Finally we decided draw the Scholar's Hat.

For Taiwan,  we choose the Amei aboriginal represented the warrior because the most of baseball players are Amei aboriginal and they are participating Asia Series this time.

Character Development: JungShan
Design all by Plugin &amp

; Co.

Character Development: JungShan
Design all by Plugin & Co.


  1. Wow thats so cool!
    Congrats, and well done :)

  2. This is so cool! Can I share this on my Facebook?

  3. It was fun to reminisce how I was hooked 10 years ago, though I couldn’t tell every episode in details but yes I’d say I was a Meteor Garden tagalog fan. It feels great that the said Taiwan series with the famous F4 and Shan Cai is finally back on Philippine TV. This is one series the teens these days would surely love to watch. I am also checking on other Asian series so I came to your blog. Thanks for sharing some, I wish to watch them all soon. =) Cheers!