The JungShan Ink part of works 2011


For my niece

This is a quickly drawing for my niece, Shih Sin Yu.
Tomorrow is the anniversary of my niece death, I love her very much, and I always want to draw her.   We took this picture the day last year, and this was our last picture took together. 
I wish she have a new and happy life in another world.


  1. I follow your amazing artworks since almost one year now. When I read this post I thought it was time to write a comment in order to tell you that your niece has the best aunt.
    My condolences (from France)

  2. Thank you and really thanks for follow my blog!

  3. You are a wonderful aunt and I'm sure she knew it. May she lives happily in another world.

  4. Hsiao Shih Sin Yu still influences the world...