The JungShan Ink part of works 2011


Darkness textures download

Here I made a new textures pack, the textures about "Asia Darkness".
These all made by Chinese ink, and these textures are very suit to any horror stuff.

You can see the Chinese font on this cover, this is meaning the darkness and gruesomeness.
Asia weather is easy to humid, the humid and dark place also easy to attract the ghost.
Many ghost stories here all about the water.
(The Chinese font on this cover was came from here.)

The download link here: 

and I listened this song when I creating this textures.


  1. 看到妳畫的這個,讓我想到上次跟你說的那個畫家...

  2. I was unable to down load the textures, link did not work

  3. awesome! you become more and more interesting the more i find out about you. thanks for the upload!