The JungShan Ink part of works 2011



This is my ink draw's process,
paper: cotton paper (Chinese ink paper)
1. use charcoal to sketch the outline
2. 1 drop of ink with lots water to was to light, to trace out of lines.
3. paint on the light ink with water, waiting to dry, then put heavy ink and dry drawing.


  1. beautiful work!!! very nice style!!

  2. Art is something that is really completely out of the ordinary for me.. It is the flame that puts out the shame and heartache that my day went through. It is a beautiful thing. Yet at the same time it can mind boggle a soul into thinking something completely different. What I love bout art, is that you envision your own meaning behind the creativity of the art itself. Your imagination can take you many places and only in your imagination can you be in two happy places at once :)
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